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  • 1972 - founded in the former Czechoslovakia as part of Dynatech USA.

  • 1996 - ownership has been changed several times, the company was eventually renamed to DYNEX (for several years a member of Thermo Electron).

  • 2002 - an independent Czech company with offices located both in The Czech Republic and Slovakia.

  • employs a friendly and professional team of more than 80 well trained specialist.

Our Activities

  • Distribution of laboratory equipment for the Czecho-Slovakian market.

  • Development and production of laboratory devices and diagnostics and export worldwide.

Domestic Market

DYNEX is one of the largest suppliers of laboratory equipment and related services in The Czech Republic and Slovakia. Its primary focus is the sale of instruments, diagnostics and other reagents for immunochemical, molecular-biological and microbiological laboratories. Our customers are not only clinical laboratories and scientific workplaces, but also transfusion centers, forensic laboratories, food, plant and veterinary laboratories. DYNEX specializes in the following methods: ELISA, immunoblot and westernblot, immunofluorescence assay (IFA), PCR, hybridization, electrophoresis, microarray, nextgeneration sequencing, lateral-flow immunoassay (LFIA), immunoprecipitation, cultivation and cell growth curves measurements. Our sales team has more than 20trained application specialists with MSc or PhD degrees for all above mentioned methods. We have a large demo laboratory and a show room to provide outstanding pre-sale promotion activities and aftersale application support. We also have a conference room with a capacity for accommodating 80 people. We provide professional service for all our devices and perform authorized and general repairs. DYNEX distributes products made by more than 15 foreign companies and all related services in The Czech Republic and Slovakia. We represent and promote companies and brands such as EUROIMMUN (since 1996), ESCO, DYNEX USA, Finnpipette and many others. We had been the only authorized commercial partner of QIAGEN for almost 7 years until April 2020. Moreover DYNEX offers an internationally accredited service of calibration of piston pipettes and other piston volumetric instruments according to EN-ISO 8655.

Development, Production and Export

Since 2004 DYNEX has been focusing on the research and development of new laboratory devices and diagnostics. DYNEX has its own R&D team and has been cooperating with many of the most important and prestigious scientific institutions in The Czech Republic and Slovakia. The DYNEX manufacturing programme includes diagnostic devices for ELISA, immunoblot and westernblot assays and hybridization. In addition to instruments we produce several real-time PCR diagnostic kits and new-synthetic-drugs-of-abuse (NSD) lateral-flow tests. Our advanced and cutting edge products can be found in numerous hospitals and diagnostic centers all across Europe. We have quality assurance system certified according to BS EN ISO 13485:20015. All our products are CE IVD marked and can be manufactured as OEM products. We provide technical support and conduct service and application training programmes for our customers or end users.

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